Earlier this year, we found out that dELiA*s would be making its triumphant return after filing for bankruptcy in 2014. The company would transition from everyone’s favorite ’90s catalog to an online-exclusive retailer. Nostalgia abounded and every 20-something woman worth her weight in platform flip-flops rejoiced over the news. The majority of us were thrilled to hear that a new generation of teens would get to experience the iconic brand — and now, it turns out there might be a little something in it for us, too.

According to Buzzfeed, the new-and-improved dELiA*s is thinking of dipping its toes into adult clothing production. While still focusing on its target market (“7th- to 10th-graders, who are a little too old for Justice but too young for Forever 21“), dELiA*s also hopes to tap into ’90s girl nostalgia with some throwback pieces for 20- and 30-somethings.

“We’re working on doing a throwback flashback catalog that will probably be done at the beginning of 2016 that brings together the old and the new,” Steve Russo, who bought/saved dELiA*s earlier this year, told Buzzfeed.

“There are certain aspects of the business that are actually being bought by some of the older customers,” he continued. “We’re gonna start to extend that out to be more where the sizing will be a little more fitting to someone slightly older. . . there’s a nostalgia element to it.”

We’re already picturing dramatic bellbottom jeans and embroidered halter crop tops with a modern twist. As if that weren’t exciting enough, Russo even hopes to bring back some of the original catalog models for the project.

“We’ve already talked to them and met with them, and they’re actually consulting with us in some cases,” Russo told Buzzfeed.

There’s no word yet on when exactly in 2016 this project will come to fruition, but we’re feeling some major #FBF just knowing of its potential existence. You can find out more about it over at Buzzfeed.

(Image via Instagram and Tumblr.)