Kathryn Lindsay
Updated Jul 09, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

My style is decidedly feminine, but if I were into men’s fashion, I’d probably copy everything David Beckham wears — which is exactly what Kevin Hart did in the latest H&M fall campaign, Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham. This is round two of the line for David, whose first Modern Essentials selections debuted in March. Now, he’s at it again with the colder months in mind, and he’s joined by Hart in an effort to show just how fun and cool these clothes really are no matter your body type or style.

David, who we know mostly from the soccer field, has gone from winning games to twinning shoots, although he’s no stranger to H&M’s looks, having previously modeled some of their underwear a while back.

Kevin Hart is less experienced, which is why this whole thing is so entertaining. Take the modeling chops of an international superstar and pair them with some perfectly timed comedic wit, and you’ve got a solid campaign that’s bound to go viral.

In fact, it kind of already has. The two goofed around all day, posting their antics on Instagram, and getting over 518 thousand likes on a single pic.

In some pretty adorable shots, the British soccer star is seen posing with the comedian in matching striped sweaters, jeans and shoes, and later in some bright orange sweaters and white pants.

If you just can’t get enough of these two, they also reportedly filmed a commercial on the streets of NYC that we can’t wait to get our eyes on. It’s sure to be equal parts funny and smoldering, and if there’s one thing that could convince me that I needed some men’s clothing, it’s this duo right here.

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