Olivia Harvey
April 03, 2017 12:41 pm

As we’re easing our way into the spring season, we find ourselves reaching for our lighter jackets and spring dresses. But while we’re waiting for the weather to warm up, a little extra leg protection might be necessary before taking the bare leg plunge. That’s where Dakota Fanning’s “party tights” come into play.

Fanning posted a picture of her party tights on Instagram and we were instantly intrigued. And, let’s be honest, that’s probably because of the sparkle. We love the sparkle. We need the sparkle.

If you jog your memory, you might remember Kylie Jenner sported a similar pair of diamond-studded fishnets that drove the internet wild.

So where in the heck can we get a pair of party tights for ourselves?

Our search took us to Etsy, where we found a selection of crystalized tights that we would wear to any party. This handmade brown pair ($29) from Etsy seller newcrystalwave are pretty darn similar to Fanning’s.

Etsy / newcrystalwave

If you’re in the mood for fishnet, newcrystalwave offers this set of tan diamond-studded fishnets ($29), à la Kylie Jenner.

Etsy / newcrystalwave

Or grab the same pair in black ($29)!

Etsy / newcrystalwave

But, truth be told, you can easily make a pair of crystal tights yourself! YouTuber Amber Scholl shows off how she made her super fun and easy DIY faux diamond fishnets in the video below. But this technique could easily be applied to any set of tights you already own.

All you have to do is head to the craft store and pick out some ~v sparkly~ crystals.

Imagine making a pair of party tights with rainbow crystals! Or even pairing glittering black crystals with black tights — subtle but sweet. The possibilities are truly endless! Thank you Dakota Fanning for inspiring our inner sparkle queen to show her true colors.