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We don’t know a whole lot about Dakota Fanning’s upcoming movie, American Pastoral, but we DO know that she’s been absolutely killing it in the fashion department at every single American Pastoral event she’s attended. Like, SERIOUSLY killing it.

It’s not like Dakota hasn’t always been on our radar for being unbelievably stylish and perfectly put together, but she’s been stepping up her game lately to a level we hardly knew existed. If Academy Awards were handed out based on how fabulous people look at press junkets, we’d be hardcore stumping for Dakota Fanning to receive her much-deserved Oscar.

At a recent screening, she rocked a little black dress with AMAZING shoes that totally made her outfit.

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images

Frankly, the dress is pretty perfect and classic on its own. We love the fun skirt – but THEN we saw the shoes. THE SHOES.

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images


Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images

Based on the red soles, we can hazard a guess that these beauties are Louboutins, which puts them solidly in the “shoes of our dreams” category as opposed to “shoes we’re going to buy online right this second because YOLO,” but we can appreciate them from afar. The embellishments, the crazy curved heel — UGH SO PERFECT.

The overall effect of her outfit is just so great — very profesh and low-key, but between those amazingly adventurous shoes, the flirty skirt on the dress, and the strapless situation, it’s still young and fresh and unique and WE LOVE IT. Did we mention?

Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/ Getty Images

Dakota Fanning, tell us your fashion secrets.

Because clearly you have many and we need them to replicate your ever on point sense of style STAT.