Jennifer Romolini
Updated Jul 10, 2014 @ 12:25 pm

There comes that time of year when anything just starts to go. It’s almost mid-July, you’re wearing tank dresses to work and maybe forgoing a bra and your hair is in a perma state of frizz-topknot and you do not care. The only thing you can manage on your feet are things that you can slip into like slippers or attach on with delicate baby straps that feel almost like they are not there. Your makeup is looking up at you from its case and laughing.

And that’s okay. Even if what you’d rather be doing is swimming naked or eating Chunky Monkey in front of Netflix, standards loosen in the summer, the world opens up, it is yours. You can throw on a caftan and a pair of clogs and THAT IS ALL. No one will look askance. You can drop your serious leather bags and your sweaty cross-bodies and pull out a lightweight, whimsical canvas tote that tells the world, I AM NOT SERIOUS. Do you see me on this morning commute, world? I am participating in adult life and I am still having fun. You cannot keep my summer spirit down.

The aptly named Cute tote bag line will accomplish all this for you and more. The bags are sturdy, they’re fun, they can easily fit a laptop or, even better, a giant book that you are taking on some great adventure that is not to the office.