Alyssa Morin
September 03, 2016 1:40 pm

There’s nothing like a good pair of ballet flats to help you conquer your busy day. Flats brilliantly keep you looking chic and comfy all at the same time. That’s why when Miu Miu introduced their lace up ballet flats on the Spring 2016 runway, we knew that we had to have them.

It’s almost as if Audrey Hepburn and Joan Jett were merged into one shoe. They’re the perfect mix of girly with a touch of edge. You can be dainty and feminine during the day and rock out during the night. This ballet flat literally goes with any outfit.

Ever since Miu Miu’s models walked these hot numbers down the runway, everyone and anyone has been wearing them. From fashion editors to celebs to social media influencers and bloggers, these lace up flats are a must-have. This is probably the best shoe trend to ever hit the catwalk simply because they look comfy AF.

These coveted shoes are not cheap. It’ll cost you anywhere between $550–$900 to have a pair of these designer flats to call your own. Obviously not everyone has that kind of money to spend on shoes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY.

At the end of the day, all you really need is a pair of flats, a few buckles, ribbon and a Beyoncé attitude to rock your own version of this trend.

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This trend is hot for a reason, and it’s probably due to the fact that they look soooo comfy. With that in mind, enjoy a few more lust–worthy images of these designer shoes.

These lace up ballet flats are gorgeous!

Seriously, stop.

They go perfectly with anything.

They add so much flair and pizzazz to any outfit.

Basically we’re trying to say that we need a pair right now!