Updated Dec 21, 2016 @ 5:13 pm
Credit: Cindy Mangomini

It’s almost that time! The time to quietly panic and throw all the clothing you own into a massive pile on your mattress because you’re unsure of what to wear for all the holiday parties and dinners coming up, that is. If you live in most places in the Northern Hemisphere, you’re probably really cold and dreading wearing anything that isn’t heavy fleece. And just the thought of wearing a dress (even with tights!) is most likely making you SOB right now, and we get it.

Which is why we put together an illustrated guide for all your holiday party and life needs!

Credit: Cindy Mangomini

Shop the illustration here:

1. Wrap blouse, Net-A-Porter, $167

2. Feline festive socks, Modcloth, $8

3. Wedgie fit jeans, Levi’s, $89.50

4. Christmas tree mug, Etsy, $8

5. Vila real leather mittens, ASOS, $30

6. Green faux suede heels, Go Jane, $29

7. Holiday earrings, Kohl’s, $7