coachella kathryn lindsay
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True confession: I’ve never been to a music festival. I’ve never romped through a field wearing a crop top and a flower crown, twirling a glow stick while dancing to live music. And TBH, I probably won’t have the time or funds to do the festival thing anytime soon. But with Coachella happening this weekend, there was no reason I couldn’t get into the spirit by living one day of my life exactly how I imagined someone lucky enough to make it to the festival would!

Armed with cutoff shorts, sunnies and more than a little facial glitter, here’s what happened when I lived like I was at Coachella during not-quite-so-warm day in New York City this week:

Getting the look

When I think of Coachella style, three things come to mind: crop tops, florals, and glitter. Luckily, those are also the three words I’d use to describe myself, so I was able to quickly throw together an outfit fit for a festival . . . even if it wasn’t fit for the New York City weather.

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When it comes to the glitter, you want something that can stay put all day through the sweat. Topshop generously provided HelloGiggles with face and hair glitter, which I applied through my hair and under my eyes using some basic hair gel and my fingers. (Is this how you are supposed to apply glitter? I’m not really sure, but it looked cool.)

See, I told you my hair looked cool:

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Eating the food

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Coachella food trucks boast all kinds of handheld cuisine. NYC’s culinary options are similarly vast, so I went straight to the nearest street cart and purchased whatever looked easiest to eat while dancing. Luckily, that meant a $2 hot dog which, as you can see, I inhaled.

Living the life

After lunch, I flitted out of my office to the best open field that New York City has to offer: Central Park. (I actually went to Bryant Park first, but the grass was being reseeded so the entire lawn was blocked off. That probably never happens at Coachella.)

coachella kathryn lindsay
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Laying wistfully in the grass is a staple of any music festival–almost as important as taking Instagram-worthy pictures with your friends. I didn’t have any friends with me, but hopefully someone can just Photoshop them in:

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Then, of course, there’s the music. While there weren’t any live shows happening in Central Park, I was able to catch a quick concert while waiting for the subway.

I drew the line at camping outdoors in New York City. I’ll save that for an actual music festival, thanks.

All in all? A perfect Coachella . . . even if I wasn’t there.