Anna Gragert
October 11, 2017 3:39 pm

My mom is not one to sleep on the news. Though she knows I work for the internet, I will receive several iPhone-captured photos a day of headlines she’s viewing on her computer. Today’s hot take: Coach Inc. is changing its name to Tapestry.

Why the name change? To emphasize that they own multiple brands, a tapestry of brands, if you will — and not just the one, Coach.

As for those “individual threads,” Luis is referring to brands Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, and Coach, all of which are owned by Coach Inc.-turned-Tapestry. However, it’s important to note that these three iconic brands will retain their names, so you won’t see Tapestry stores selling T-emblazoned leather goods in a mall near you.

Simply put, Coach Inc. is no more because the company wants to make sure everyone feels like one. 

“The Coach and Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman brands are very distinct brands and entities that have consumers with different attitudes and styles,” Luis told USA TODAY. “Tapestry is a name that is not rooted in any of these brands. Instead, it is expressive and representative of all three. It’s truly a brand to allow employers and investors to feel like they are part of one company.”

The chief executive added that Coach wanted to find a name that wasn’t too corporate, but was also easy for everyone to understand. In the end, the company was surprised that “Tapestry” wasn’t taken by another brand.

Though we were initially surprised by this news, we’re glad to hear that Coach itself is safe. Tell your moms.