Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Feb 07, 2018 @ 4:20 pm

Building a versatile wardrobe for the workplace often proves itself to be a daunting task. All too often, it feels like we’re forced to choose between dressing in the expressive cuts and colors that make us look our best, and the professional styles the office demands. Luckily, plus-size brand Universal Standard’s new workwear line manages to straddle the lines of fashion and function in all of the ways we want and need.

The new 13-piece Universal Standard capsule is appropriately dubbed “The New Executive Class,” as a double entendre that references the booming rise in female CEOs as well as the classy styles available in the collection.

Alex Waldman, the cofounder and COO of Universal Standard shared their vision of creating a gorgeous plus-size workwear capsule for women on the go.

Credit: Courtesy of Universal Standard

The New Executive Class capsule includes everything you need, including meticulously crafted dresses, tops, a blazer, and pants, all between $80-230.

There’s even a killer jumpsuit to get your head into the workplace game.

Enza Jumpsuit, $190

Credit: Universal Standard

Indra Blazer Coat, $230

Credit: Universal Standard

Sheryl Pants, $110

Credit: Universal Standard

Mary Dress, $160

Credit: Universal Standard

If you’re loving the looks but feeling overwhelmed by the options, there’s a four-piece workwear kit.

For $450, you get a blazer, dress and top, and then gifts you a free pair of pants. Separately, these items would cost you $560.

You can shop the whole collection on the Universal Standard website.