Gabriela Herstik
August 04, 2017 2:58 pm

You know that feeling when you step off a plane, and you somehow just feel dirty? There isn’t always a rhyme or reason to this. The grime is just thick and sticky. So what’s a girl gotta do to feel fresh and clean on the cheap? Thankfully, Uniqlo is taking this dilemma into their own hands.

The beloved minimalistic brand is bringing their shirts and lightweight jackets to a vending machine in an airport near you. Grab your credit card and get going — you’re sure to be sky-high in style thanks to this venture.

Uniqlo’s first clothing vending machine is located in California’s Oakland airport.

If you’re making a stop here, you’re in luck. And even if you’re not, you can still get your hands on these Uniqlo goods in the future. The brand will have vending machines in airports and malls in Los Angeles, Houston, and New York in the coming months, according to BBC.

Looking for that perfect, pink long-sleeved shirt, but don’t feel like trying it on? Not a problem. That’s exactly the point with Uniqlo’s latest venture.

In case you can’t wait, The Cut says that the machines will be installed “throughout August and September, including Hollywood and Highland Center in Los Angeles (August 10th), Houston Airport (August 17th), and Queens Center in New York (August 22nd), with more locations to be announced soon.”

#Uniqlotogo is for anyone who’s looking for a unique shopping experience, as well as looking to pay around $15 for a shirt and $60 for a lightweight jacket. Here’s to the future of fashion.