Gabriela Herstik
Updated Sep 18, 2017 @ 5:57 pm

What’s fashion but fantasy and glamour, or a veil that cocoons us with who and what we want to be? In this day and age a little magick goes a long way, and casting a love spell through our clothing is as easy as ever. London-based fashion designer Clio Peppiatt is inspiring this notion, charming London Fashion Week with inspiration from the other realm.

Her spring/summer 2018 collection was inspired by The Love Witch, the 2016 Anna Biller film that stars a witch named Elaine who will do anything to find true love. The kitschy, technicolor flick was the driving force behind Peppiatt’s latest presentation.

Titled “When I Waked I Cried to Dream Again,” Peppiatt’s showing had everything a love witch could want.

There were royal blue sequin blazers with skeletons praying on the back, red ruffled lingerie-inspired dresses, astro-emblazoned slips, and a black suit covered with a zodiac print worn over a sheer, ruffled fuchsia blouse.

In The Love Witch, we see love spells gone wrong, but that wasn’t present in this collection.

There were only love spells gone right: dresses done entirely in sheer hot pink, and blazers reimagined in silver with bell sleeves and a bleeding heart, finished with The World tarot card embroidered on the back.

It seems like the motif of karma found in the film was seen here but with a positive spin; if you wear beautiful and cosmic clothing you’ll feel cosmic and beautiful, too. How can you not when The World literally has your back?

Even the accessories stayed on the theme of bewitching beauty. Chain strap bags featuring The Moon and The Sun tarot cards were done in sequins, alluding to Elaine’s ever trusty tarot deck that she kept in her plastic purse.

Pointy-toed mules were imagined in silver and black with contrasting bows and rivets — a new take on the classic witch shoe.

The makeup was just as cosmic as the rest of the collection. The Love Witch‘s signature pinks and purples were done in holographic on cheeks and eyes and then blended to create an otherworldly glow.

The entire aura of the show seemed to shine with a blessing from the love witch herself. With tables dressed in flora, candles and tarot cards, this collection is for the kitsch witch who has a sultry style.

Every piece from this collection will surely cast a love spell on your closet.