Karen Fratti
October 11, 2017 8:49 am

If you’re a short woman, you know the struggle of trying to find pants that fit, especially online. Some level of frustration and disappointment is to be expected. But this one teen who bought “high-waisted” pants was totally not expecting pants that literally went up to her neck.

Bethany McNamara, a hair stylist from Manchester, England, ordered a pair of pants from PrettyLittleThing thinking that she would be rocking the flares in no time. Alas, it was not meant to be. The pants were about the size of her entire body.

But even Kendall might have trouble with this look.

McNamara told The Sun that she sent the £20, or $26, pants back after calculating all of her options. “At first I thought I would try them with some heels but there was still too much material past my feet at the bottom. I did consider getting them taken up but they are a flare, so the trousers would lose their shape,” she said.

The struggle is real.

She added that she usually sticks to skirts in winter for this very reason — it’s hard to find pants that fit when you’re not tall.

PrettyLittleThing responded to the tweet saying that they would look into what happened, because surely no pair of pants should be that long.

They really were “ridiculously long,” as McNamara herself said in an interview. But this an all-too common scenario for many women of all sizes. For shorter women, it’s almost painful trying to find bottoms that actually fit without having to get them seriously tailored. Other times, it’s just retail sizing in general that totally misses the mark. Like the woman who went viral last year by posting images of herself wearing six different pairs of pants in different sizes…that all fit her body.

That’s insane right?

Hopefully, the more that women share their experiences, the more designers and brands will start making clothing for all body types. Because high-waisted isn’t the same for all of us.