We all have our “things.” Some of us love unicorn foods, some of us hate them. Some of us love wearing pastels, some of us are repelled by them. Thankfully, if you’re into wearing your unicorns and not eating them, Selena Gomez’s Coach unicorn sweater will inspire you to step up your fall sweater game.

Selena proves you can have it all. By that, we mean whimsical, nostalgic pieces that look both chic and cozy. She also shows us how to dress up gray trousers, and of course, the secret weapon is some unicorn magic.

Credit: JB Lacroix/ Getty

We’re not sure if Lizzie McGuire would love or hate this sweater, but we definitely think she’d have feelings about it.

Personally, we love the idea of wearing such a bright piece tucked into some loose cotton trousers. Pair it with simple pumps and a brightly colored, structured bag, and you’ll be feeling like the mullet of the fashion world — party on top, business on bottom. The mix of high-low works particularly well with a pair of colored sunglasses.

Wearing a unicorn sweater is like a promise that no matter what your day puts you through, you’ll be okay. There’s a unicorn there to make it all better, after all. And whether you’re wearing yours with some boyfriend jeans or a ’70s-style button-up skirt, you can’t go wrong.

Throw on some shades for the haters and your favorite lipstick, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.