Lourdes Avila Uribe
December 15, 2017 10:00 am

If you’re a fan of Samantha Pleet’s gorgeous, dream-like clothing then you’re going to adore her brand-new children’s line, Dear Valentine. Created by Samantha and her husband, this new collection is inspired by their darling daughter Valentine and features sweet, whimsical outfits — just what the stylish baby in your life needs.

Like Samantha Pleet’s clothes, Dear Valentine features playful, fairy-tale like pieces that encourage creativity and imagination while still being totally functional. It’ll inspire kids and parents alike to get out there and experience the world through the hopeful eyes of a child.

All of the clothing is made from 100% cotton with shell buttons and lead- and nickel-free snaps. You shouldn’t have to worry about toxic chemicals residing in your precious babe’s clothing, and with Dear Valentine, you won’t have to.

As much as we love a stylish baby, it’s equally important that their clothes are cozy and soft. Luckily, all these pieces were produced at fair-trade factories using a natural dye that won’t irritate their tender skin.

Best of all, you can now have matching outfits with your kids, and honestly, is there anything more insanely precious than that? Sign us up.

Courtesy of Dear Valentine

It’s like a scene straight out of a magical land of fashion-forward babies.

We asked Samantha if she’d always dreamed of designing children’s clothes or if it was the birth of her daughter that inspired her to create Dear Valentine. She tells HelloGiggles,

One of the things we love most about the Dear Valentine collection is that there are so many pieces that match the women’s line. Is there anything cuter than matching mother-daughter outfits? Our hearts, they are are breaking.

We asked Samantha if she had a personal favorite to wear when matching with Valentine and she says,

How precious is that?

Here are some Dear Valentine pieces that caught our eye.

1Home Jumpsuit, $90

2Pom Pom Hat, $30

3Puff Pant, $60

4Unicorn Dress, $80

5Village Jacket, $90

Courtesy of Dear Valentine

Aren’t they ultra-sweet?

Stroll on over to Dear Valentine to take a peek for yourself.