Gabriela Herstik
Updated Aug 11, 2017 @ 5:44 pm
Plus-size scrubs
Credit: Jaanuu /

We’re going through a scrub renaissance. We’re seeing medical wear brands design scrubs that are more innovative and fashion-forward than ever before. But, like clothing in general, scrubs aren’t as easily available in plus-sizes. And if they are, they usually cost more than their straight-size counterparts. But now, thanks to medical apparel company Jaanuu, fashionable plus-size scrubs are easier, and more affordable, than ever.

Jaanuu’s new Curve line, which goes up to a size 24, is a reminder that comfort and fashion are for all.

Not only are these scrubs fashionable — think plenty of hardware and shades like electric blue — they’re also technologically advanced.

According to Bustle, the scrubs are made from “the industry’s first premium antimicrobial-finished medical apparel manufactured to withstand harsh hospital conditions.” So not only are plus-size women avoiding the surcharges on larger sizes at other medical wear brands, they’re also getting the best of the best while they’re at it.

In an interview with Bustle, Jaanuu cofounder and CEO Shaan Sethi says,

To solve this dilemma, the Curve line was founded. The line includes four styles of top and five for bottom, all available in six standard colors like royal blue, black, and white. Tops cost $39 and bottoms are $42 — no matter what size you order. While the sizes only go up to 24, there is the possibility of larger sizes in the future if feedback indicates a need.

The brand also carries petite and tall scrubs, and they’re all available on their site. So get to ordering, because everyone deserves a new ensemble!