Patrice J. Williams
Updated Nov 17, 2017 @ 4:19 pm
Credit: Courtesy of brand

An ugly Christmas sweater may be in your closet, but do you have an *NSYNC holiday sweater? Probably not. But now you can!

The guys announced they would be releasing an *NSYNC line of products in 2018 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their first single, “I Want You Back.” But they surprised us all with a line of holiday sweatshirts, tees, mugs, and more. *squeals like a girl standing outside of TRL*

To say that the pieces are cute is an understatement. And we really love how funny (or should we say pun-ny) the guys got with naming the products. They’re selling out fast, so in between scouring gift guides for everyone else, here’s how you can treat yourself.

Bye Bye Bye Santa sweatshirt, $45

Credit: Courtesy of brand

Casual, colorful, and fangirl style.

It’s Gonna Be Sleigh shoes, $40

Credit: Courtesy of brand

Step in style.

If I’m Not the Ornament, $15

Credit: Courtesy of brand

This is really the only ornament your tree needs, right?

It’s Gonna Be Sleigh mug, $14

Credit: Courtesy of brand

Keep an eye on this mug. Your coworker might try to steal it.

Just Got Pinned, $10

Credit: Courtesy of brand

Add a little sparkle to your fave jacket.

It’s Gonna Be Sleigh t-shirt, $25

Credit: Courtesy of brand

No more boring tees here!

No Strings Attached sweater, $80

Credit: Courtesy of brand

The album cover was iconic and this sweatshirt is equally awesome.