Olivia Harvey
Updated Aug 08, 2017 @ 2:32 pm
dresses made from shirt
Credit: mothermakesx4 / https://www.instagram.com/mothermakesx4/

Before you lug those old dress shirts to Goodwill, you might want to save a few for refashioning purposes. Take it from art teacher and mom of four Stephanie Miller — those shirts come in handy. Miller turns her husband’s old shirts into dresses for her daughters, and we’re head-over-heels in love with her creations.

Originally an oil painter, Miller suffered from postpartum depression and a loss of identity after having kids. She wanted to get her head back into a positive, artistic space, but oil painting required too much time and air ventilation — neither of which Miller had in her family’s one-bedroom apartment.

So she pulled out her sewing machine, saved her husband’s shirts from the donation pile, and tried her hand at fashion design.

As you can see, Miller’s new hobby really took off. Look how adorable these dresses are!

Recently, Miller made her daughters refashioned white dresses for a wedding reception. Unfortunately, kids being kids, they couldn’t keep the dresses white for long.

But that wasn’t a problem for the DIY queen. Miller simply dyed the dresses pink and blue to hide the existing stains. Brilliant!

This newly sewn plaid romper made from dad’s old shirt has fall written all over it.

And this matching set is something we need in our own closets ASAP.

On top of being a whizz at making kids’ clothes from men’s shirts, Miller also loves designing for herself and her friends. She even turned these $10 jeans into a denim dress that we love, but got mixed reactions from her family (LOL).

And we’re fawning over this super simple shift dress.

We’ve been totally inspired to make something great out of old clothes. Sorry, dudes of the world — your closets are no longer safe!