Rachel Leishman
August 27, 2017 6:19 pm
Lex A'llure / twitter.com

Mother daughter duos are our absolute favorite — and we just found the best one on Twitter. Remember when you used to have to wear matching outfits with your family for special occasions? When you had to wear matching mother-daughter outfits it was often more cause for complaint than anything else. But Alexis, aka @Lex_Allure on Twitter, took her mother-daughter dress up to a totally chic new level.

Using old sheets, she made matching outfits for her and her little girl! And they’re fashionable AF. We’re a sucker for that kind of stuff — both sweetness and thriftiness. Remember when this mom used her husbands old shirts to make outfits for her daughter? So of course we love that Alexis created these adorable looks for her and her baby. And the best part is that they are do it yourself.

Alexis shared the pictures of her and her little girl on Twitter and they had us squealing!

And Twitter took to these looks with just as much excitement. Everyone was loving Alexis and her daughter — honestly, as they should. They’re so cute!

Everyone suddenly wanted their own little mini-me because of Alexis’s looks.

And some even were already backing Alexis on her not yet discovered Project Runway career.

More than that, people just wanted to support her and get her the backing she deserves.

This is just so amazing — and we need our own set, now! She took old sheets and created these killer looks. That is a talent that has us jealous… and also wondering when we can buy her looks online.

So Alexis, we’re behind you. Hopefully we can start ordering these fierce looks because really, they’re everything! And of course, this is definitely mother/daughter envy.

Matching outfits never looked cuter. We just hope that Alexis keeps sharing these adorable pictures of her and her little daughter! They’re killing the fashion game, and we are here for it.