Picture of Lusomé Sleepwear
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What do we love more than fashion? Fashion that’s also functional — and designed with a great cause in mind. Though pajamas probably aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to functional clothes, that’s about to change. Meet Lusomé, a sleepwear brand that helps prevent night sweats.

Lara Little founded Lusomé in 2012. Inspiration struck when her sister Erin was going through chemo treatments and suffering from night sweats. According to Lusomé’s website, Little already had 20 years of experience in the women’s fashion industry. Starting Lusomé was a natural next step for her.

So, how exactly does this sleepwear stop sweating?

It’s all about moisture management technology. Basically, Lusomé tops, bottoms, nighties, and sleepshirts help accelerate the evaporation of sweat. The pieces also eliminate moisture, odor, and bacteria from your skin.

But night sweats don’t happen to just chemo patients. In fact, four out of five women will experience them at some point.

Little wants to end the quiet suffering.

Since night sweats are so common, Little wants women to have stylish options for their sleepwear.

Lusomé offers two collections: Luxe and Everyday. The Everyday collection just launched this fall and uses the same moisture-wicking technology of the original Luxe collection. Plus, it’s affordable — prices start at just $38.

In honor of her sister, Little also launched the Lusomé Cancer Research Fund of the Canadian Cancer Society. It helps support the nation’s most innovative breast cancer research. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to recognize Little’s contributions now more than ever.

There’s nothing like shopping for sleepwear items that are healthy, created for a good cause, and fashionable.