Claire Beaudreault
September 11, 2017 2:43 pm

Summer might be ending but you can keep your spirits bright with a colorful Lisa Frank shirt. In these increasingly dark times, we must celebrate joy and levity when we can. In this case, Lisa Frank clothing brings us much joy. Because being a grown-ass adult and wearing rainbow and unicorns are not mutually exclusive.

We’ve seen Lisa Frank housewares, Lisa Frank makeup collaborations, even Lisa Frank debit cards — and now we’re making an excuse to add Lisa Frank clothes to our wardrobe! People who grew up in the ’90s and people born in the ’90s can agree that there’s something fun about the world of rainbows, leopards, and cosmic pizza, so why not wear it loud and proud?

You don’t have to be a teenage girl to love Lisa.

There’s a Lisa Frank lewk for everyone. Into aliens? (We want to believe.) Bunny ballerinas? Husky puppies or leopard kittens? Junk food floating through deep space? Tanks, tees, and sweats in all-over prints will help you let your Lisa Frank flag fly no matter who you are.

Check out some standout Lisa threads that caught our eye. We pretty much want them all (especially those sweatshirts for fall!)

2Ballet Bunny Tee, $15.90

3Leopard Lips Girls Tee, $22.90-$26.90

5Tikanni the Husky Puppy Tee, $24.90-$26.90


Shine on, rainbow babes!