Bronwyn Isaac
Updated Oct 06, 2017 @ 4:04 pm

A timeless piece of clothing transcends decades and survives waves of cyclical trends to remain steadfastly relevant. Such is the case with Levi’s denim trucker jacket, a cut and style that is equal parts iconic and classic, and one that will live on in closets around the world.

This denim jacket has officially made it over the hill and is now celebrating its 50th birthday. In recognition of this impressive milestone, Levi’s teamed up with 50 cultural icons, including Justin Timberlake, Solange, Snoop Dogg, and Chance the Rapper to customize their own version of what is officially known as the 1967 70505 Type III Trucker Jacket (that’s a mouthful).

Snoop Dogg looks adorable in this classic piece.

Credit: Courtesy of Antonia Hall

While Chance The Rapper is enjoying a pensive moment with his soft collar.

Credit: Courtesy of Antonia Hall

Meanwhile Miroslava Duma went for a two-toned look.

Credit: Courtesy of Emily Park

Solange went with a beige Trucker and even extended it to be more like a trench.

Credit: Courtesy of Levi's

While Justin threw in plaid details on the inside of his jacket.

Credit: Courtesy of Levi's

Irene Kim brought much-needed pink to the jacket.

Credit: Courtesy of Emily Park

While Masaba Gupta showcased gorgeous writing.

Credit: Courtesy of Emily Park

Julia Faria was feeling herself (as she should).

Credit: Courtesy of Emily Park

If you’re looking to customize your own Levi’s denim trucker jacket, customization is available at Levi’s Tailor Shops and at select Levi’s stores worldwide.

Happy birthday, jacket.