Lourdes Avila Uribe
January 25, 2018 8:38 am

Can’t get enough of the inimitable Betty Boop? Well, you’re in luck, because adorable British fashion brand Lazy Oaf is releasing a Betty Boop collection as their first collaboration of the year.

Betty’s playful, irreverent, and romantic style perfectly matches the aesthetic and attitude of Lazy Oaf’s clothing projects. This cultural icon has been sashaying her way into our hearts since the 1930s, when she was a trailblazer. She tugs at our nostalgic heartstrings and is able to stay in the cultural consciousness thanks to her feisty spirit and refusal to conform.

Lazy Oaf’s 15-piece collection is imbued with Betty’s pin-up glamour and sass mixed with streetwear style and the classic oversized Oaf shapes that fans of the brand have come to love. You’ll notice that all the pieces feature Pantone’s Betty Boop Red shade, plus black and pink, making this collection’s arrival just in time for Valentine’s Day incredibly apt.

In keeping with Lazy Oaf and Betty’s chic style, the collection features super feminine and romantic details juxtaposed with oversized dresses, cropped sweatshirts, and more. And since prices range from about $9.85 to $131.29, there’s something available for every budget.

The Betty Boop x Lazy Oaf Collection is available now.

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

She is just the cutest.

Whether you’re going to treat yourself to some new duds or are just looking for a special something for your loved ones, this collection is a sweet bundle of joy.

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

The collection features several unisex items, so everyone will have something to enjoy. As it should be.

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

This line has that certain joie de vivre that Betty’s image breathes into clothing, don’t you think? Just look how stunning that top is.

How cute is this tote?

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

The tote is $49.23.

Nothing like a baby pink Betty Boop-inspired sweater to keep you warm.

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

This sweater is $82.06.

You can even channel Betty Boop with this matching set.

Courtesy of Lazy Oaf

The top is $131.29 and the bottoms are $86.43.

Head on over to Lazy Oaf to shop the new collection.