Rachel Paige
Updated Sep 19, 2017 @ 12:19 pm
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More than likely, at some point in time, you’ve gazed longingly at a Disney Princess dress made for a little kid and thought, “Omg why doesn’t this come in my size.” It happens, and we’ve all been there. But thankfully, now that wearing your fandom on your sleeve, literally, is becoming more mainstream, dressing like your favorite heroine isn’t such a far off dream anymore. It’s now within reach and price range.

Disney certainly releases many different fashion options for your favorite princesses, but now it appears they have outdone themselves. It’s one thing to own a blue dress and call it your ~Belle Dress~ and it’s another thing to actually own a blue Belle-inspired dress with so many Beauty and the Beast details that it is literally the most gorgeous thing in the world. Not an exaggeration.

Disney, Disney Store

The dress — which you can find at Disney Vault 28 in Downtown Disney at Disneyland, and The Dress Shoppe in Disney Springs at Disney World — is modeled after Belle’s out-and-about-the-little-town dress, which is commonly simply called her “peasant dress.” You know, because then she becomes a princess.

(Yes, I 100% tried it on, you should expect nothing less from me.)

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With the same kind of v-neck white collar as the animated Belle version, the IRL dress you can buy has a belt with a bow, blue rose petal buttons, and cap sleeves. But let’s talk about what’s really important, and that’s all in the details. The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST DETAILS:


The bottom of the dress is detailed with a border of books (naturally), along with many enchanting characters, like Cogsworth and Mrs. Potts. There’s also Beast’s castle, along with the magic mirror. You’ll be able to live, and wear, the tale as old as time every day.


The dress sells for $98, and GUESS WHAT? You can also buy it online, because DisneyStore.com knows what’s up. You don’t even have to travel to the nearest Disney Park up to pick up this beauty; instead, just choose standard shipping and it’ll be here before you know, it aka in 5-7 business days. Get it before it’s gone, so you, too, can spend your days dreaming of so much more than this provincial life.