Patrice J. Williams
Updated Dec 19, 2017 @ 10:18 am
Broad City fashion
Credit: Wildfox/Anna Buckley

We all have that one primetime show we, without fail, tune into every week. Or maybe it’s a web series that can easily be binge-watched in one sitting. No matter what type of media it is, the best part is that these shows and series are unique in meaning to each of us.

So what happens when your favorite show meets your personal style? You get a capsule collection. And that’s exactly what you can find within the Wildfox x Broad City line. (The show already had a line of sex toys, so of course clothing would be next.) The items include crew neck tees, hoodies, and printed sweatpants. And whether you’re more of an Ilana or Abbi, there’s something for every taste.

If you missed out on the Wildfang x Broad City collection of accessories, then this one’s for you!

If you’re an Abbi:

Credit: Courtesy of brand

I’m an Abbi T-shirt, Wildfox, $66

Or maybe you’re more of an Ilana:

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Or maybe you love both equally and would relate more to a top that makes you feel feminist AF:

Credit: Courtesy of brand

Feminist Hero T-shirt, Wildfox, $66

This is called the “road trip” sweater, but we wont judge if you just wear this while on the couch:

Credit: Courtesy of brand

You’re the hero the world needs. Or, er, at least you kinda try.

Credit: Courtesy of brand

And for the weed kween, we present…

Credit: Courtesy of brand

The perfect gear to hold you over until Season 5 debuts.