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The Workout Clothes You Should Wear, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Obviously, Leo is all about mesh and dramatic cutouts.
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From Zoom workout classes to lounging on the couch, we know that a good workout set makes the experience all the better. For many of us, cute workout clothes provide a much-needed motivational boost to get us moving, and if you tailor your outfit to your zodiac sign's taste, it can make you feel extra confident.

To guide us, HG's resident astrologer, Lisa Stardust, shares how the stars influence our style and what each sign gravitates toward. Gemini, for example, are all about the Insta-worthy prints whereas Pisces look for comfort over all else. Here, find out what workout sets you should wear to level up your fashion game.


Lightweight Textured Plus-Size Cropped Zip Hoodie
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Old Navy

"Neon outfits with matching sneakers will help Aries get the notice they want while working out their passionate muscles," says Stardust. Nothing says "look at me" more than a bright yellow hoodie-and-shorts combo for the bold fire sign.


Summersalt x The Home Edit Midi Sports Bra Tank Top
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Stardust says that the dependable Taurus will love donning a comfortable, yet luxe, matching set for everything from lifting weights to running track. Plus, knowing how hard-working the bull of the zodiac is, pairing their sports bra to the matching leggings ($80) and sweatshirt ($65) will make for a breezy choice.


Smile Banana 2-Piece Yoga Set
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Stardust says that expressive Gemini's will get the most out of their workout when wearing funky prints, such as geometric patterns, as they'll encourage their wandering minds to stay focused.


Outdoor Voices Warmup Legging
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Outdoor Voices

Let's face it—exercising is a mood-booster. That's why Stardust says Cancers will thrive wearing silver, pearly white workout sets, or ones with a lunar phase print to help them align with their feelings while exercising. (Find the matching sports bra, $48, here.)


Peyton SculptKnit Long-Sleeve Top
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"Leos will opt for an outfit with flair," says Stardust. "Think lacy and mesh elements in cool colors to spice up their workout look." A set with quick-dry technology and breathable material will allow for this goal-oriented fire sign to hit up anything from a Pilates reformer to a yoga mat. Pair this Cheryl Blossom-approved top with the matching leggings for extra drama.


OFFLINE OTT Fleece Cropped Hoodie
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The practical Virgo needs a 'fit that'll take them from sprint practice to grocery store. Stardust says that loose-fitting clothes in neutral hues will give Virgo the space to breathe and efficiently sweat out their stresses. (Find the matching sweatpants here.)


QISA Seamless Set
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Libras can be an indecisive bunch, which is why a cute, matching workout set will help take the guesswork out of getting dressed Stardust says muted pastels will help the air sign maintain harmony and balance to the scale of the zodiac.


OFFLINE Real Me High Waisted Crossover Flare Legging
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Scorpios are brave and ambitious—two necessary traits for getting up in the A.M. and hitting the gym. This water sign should opt for wide-legged workout gear in dark colors, as Stardust says this will help the water sign transform their energy into perfecting their moves. (Buy any black Aerie sports bra for a matchy-matchy look.)


Incredible Essential Lace-up Legging
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Victoria's Secret

As the adventurous sign of the zodiac, Sag feels their best when decked out in loud prints in bright colors. "They want to wear something that highlights their fiery spirit," says Stardust. Cop these leopard-printed leggings and the matching sports bra.


The Perform Bike Short
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Whether they're training for a triathlon or nailing their burpees, Capricorns work out and they work out hard. Stardust says that biker shorts in solid colors will give this ambitious sign room to flex their muscles and feel super-confident. (Shop the matching top here.)


Seamless Workout Set for Women
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Leggings with mesh cutouts are perfect to show off Aquarius's unique and fun-loving style. For an unpredictable twist, as the water sign is prone to, go for a solid hue with form-fitting designs.


Girlfriend Collective Taro Cropped Sweatshirt
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Girlfriend Collective

When it comes to Pisces, comfort comes first. However, that doesn't mean they're willing to sacrifice functionality when thinking about workout sets. A cropped sweatshirt and matching shorts ($52) make for the perfect gym-to-brunch transition.