Gabriela Herstik
July 25, 2017 4:30 pm

New Yorkers, rejoice. You can officially order whatever the heck you want via bike messenger, including designer clothing.

Leave it to Alexander Wang to redefine the “see now, buy now” model of fashion by making his latest collection with Adidas deliverable by bike messenger. Today, the designer announced that not only is his latest unisex collection with Adidas Originals inspired by bike messengers, but it will also be delivered by them as well — if you live in NYC. The athleisure world’s sweetheart has found a new way to make fashion an immersive experience.

If you want in on this, then all you have to do is text 917-512-7715, which has been advertised on giant flyers plastered across the city. Text the code information, which can be found on the poster, with the product number of what you want and then…you just have to wait. Your very own Alexander Wang-approved bike messenger will come deliver your purchase to you, wrapped in plastic for you to enjoy at your leisure. So much cooler than the regular postal service.

The second collaboration between Adidas Originals and Alexander Wang features 84 pieces that were seen on the runway last spring. The collection was initially sold through a pop-up truck in New York City. And now, with the bike messengers, Wang is proving that fashion has no limits, especially if you’re lucky enough to have New York City as your playground.

Season 2 of Adidas Originals x Alexander Wang will be available July 29th in New York and globally August 5th.