Gabriela Herstik
July 27, 2017 2:00 pm

Growing up, we never really recognized just how on-point grandma fashion can be. After all, older women tend to possess an innate sense of style that radiates confidence. It seems that, as time goes by, you simply care less about what people think and focus on what you want instead; and this totally translates to style as well. That’s why grandma’s love the “more is more” aesthetic, and so does Claire Danes, whose Prada dress featured a menagerie of our grandma’s favorite motifs.

Between the florals, the embellishments, and the pastel colors, these details helped to make Claire’s grandma-chic look red carpet-ready.

DVT/Star Max/ Getty

Claire wore a pink floral tank top dress with chandelier beading along the neckline. Remember all those little knickknacks your grandma had that were almost always too precious to touch? If they ended up on a dress, it would probably be this one. But thanks to Claire’s simple styling, namely pairing this piece with wavy blonde hair and fresh skin, she doesn’t look like “grandma gone wrong.”

By wearing a matching pair of Millennial  pink pumps, Claire’s look is almost too sweet to handle.

Jamie McCarthy/ Getty

Next time you’re tempted to go for a look with a little something extra, take a cue from your grandma. Pair that vintage-inspired floral with chandelier jewels and matching shoes. You can even add in some fishnets or a choker for a Gucci-esque take on the style. This is “extra” territory, so go big or go home — we have a feeling your grandma would approve.