Emily Draznik
Updated Feb 04, 2015 @ 7:54 am

As if we weren’t already excited for Disney’s live action Cinderella, Hot Topic has created a collaboration that will let us dress up like a modern-day princess IRL—if your idea of a princess is more Courtney Love than Cinderella. This accessible capsule collection features five pieces that were inspired by the costumes worn by Abby James in the film set to be released March 13th.

Following in the footsteps of the retailer’s previous Walt Disney-inspired collaborations based on Maleficent and The Book of Life, these pieces merge wearable designs with funky fairytale elements. Priced from $29.50 – $79.50, you can either channel pre- or post- transformation Cinderella in her bright blue ball gown or peasant-style dresses. Rounding out the collection, there is also a Victorian-style velvet waist coat, striped knit top and a high waisted skirt with a horse-drawn carriage and clock motif. Seriously, the party-wear looks are pretty versatile—and totally transform classic frilly crinoline and corset dresses into Hole-era grunge fashion with a hint of vintage Carrie Bradshaw.

When WWD asked about this particular collaboration the Senior Vice President of Merchandising of Marketing Cindy Levitt stated, “We are all such big fans of Cinderella here at Hot Topic, and are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to create a collection inspired by Disney’s upcoming live-action film. The collection has just enough twists to make it wearable, but still a bit magical, for our fan girl customer.”

While the movie is not set for release until spring, you can pre-order the line online now or shop in stores on February 24th. And don’t be surprised if you actually find yourself stumbling into the mall for the first time since high school. Actually, if you swap out the glass slippers for a combat boot, you might have yourself a modern day fairytale princess. Except this time you won’t have to be home before midnight.

P.S. Did you want a vintage Cinderella salt n’ pepper shaker? Because they’ve got that too.

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