Elena Sheppard
June 07, 2016 11:59 am
Steve Jennings/ Getty Images

Christina Aguilera does NOT shy away from changing up her look — she’s been grunge, she’s been genie-ready, she’s been high-glam, and every style in between. She’s also changed her hair up, a lot. (Pierced hair, a full head of braids, every color imaginable.) Honestly, it’s impressive! We wish we were so style-brave.

Last night at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser in Los Angeles, where she performed and lent her support to the candidate, Christina debuted a new hair color that we are now totally envying. Girl is now a redhead and the color is rich, and deep auburn, and just beautiful.

As for the style, she went for some glam movie star waves that gave us real Jessica Rabbit vibes. Chic.

Buena Vista/ Getty Images

While Aguilera is often a blond, this is not her first time going for something a bit more fiery — she also recently went lavender FWIW.

But remember this red ombre look?

Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Or these red streaks?

Steve Granitz/ WireImage

Christina is not afraid to make bold fashion statements and she makes these risks look totally un-scary and fun! We’ve also gotta say, this is the most glamorous red look she’s gone for yet.

Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

We definitely understand the impulse to switch up hair with the start of a new season, and we are all about this auburn glow. Is auburn the new color for summer? Not if icy blonde has anything to say about it.