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There are some power couples that inspire an alarming swirl of love, admiration, and slight jealousy as we watch them kill it in their fields of choice while maintaining a healthy love relationship (at least publicly) with someone of equal caliber. So naturally, the marriage between the Lip Sync Battle star Chrissy Teigen and the devilishly handsome singer John Legend is the love story of a power couple we can all read and simultaneously weep with appreciation and anger.

Most modern love stories involve knocking back a few drinks and begrudgingly agreeing on a Netflix movie where Adam Sandler yells at a child actor, but Teigen and Legend have spent their days making gorgeous offspring and probably just admiring how hott they are as a collective.

The obnoxiously symmetrical couple showed off their style when they were spotted in London on Wednesday.

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It looks like they’re cosplaying as characters in a sexy English detective movie, where their powers of love would help them discover the cause of a mysteriously missing child.

I imagine this photo caught them quietly contemplating their next outfits.

Credit: Mark Robert Milan / Getty Images

Going on a double-date with them would be a hellscape of insecurity. Can you imagine trying to coordinate outfits with a partner before eating with the Legends?!

Credit: Mark Robert Milan / Getty Images

Ugh, we get it guys.