Olivia Harvey
Updated July 25, 2017 2:43 pm

All eyes are on the blonde bombshell of the year, Charlize Theron. Attending the premiere of her latest film Atomic Blonde, Theron secured her status as a true badass by wearing a sheer black dress over a metal-accented black bra.

Actually, Theron secured her status as a true badass by performing most of her own stunts in the film. But this outfit is the icing on the badass cake.

Theron’s outfit featured a Dior top from the fashion house’s cruise 2018 collection and a Dior fringe and tulle skirt. And to top off her designer ensemble, Theron wore a leather Dior bralette underneath the whole shebang.

Getty Images / Todd Williamson

With the addition of a blinged-out diamond necklace and some sparkly rings, the whole look really packs a punch.

Getty Images / Neilson Barnard

Atomic Blonde is based on The Coldest City, a graphic novel set during the Cold War about a female MI6 agent who is sent to retrieve a list containing the names of all espionage officers involved in the war.

Theron plays that MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton, who experiences more than she bargained for while trying to accomplish her mission.

This of course means that chaos (as well as amazing fashion and music) ensues —

The soundtrack does not lie — Theron is a “Killer Queen.” Literally. She kills bad guys. It’s badass.

Atomic Blonde comes out in theaters on Friday, July 28th. And once you see it, you’ll be wanting to go blonde and wear sheer fashion like Ms. Theron, herself. Oh, and don’t forget the diamonds. Real or fake, they make all the difference.