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While everyone and their uncles dressed up as characters from Stranger Things for Halloween (see all the Elevens, Amy Schumer as Dustin, this woman as a teenager as Barb – oh, wait, that one’s real!), the older kids on Stranger Things dressed up in a throwback group costume from the 1939 version of Stranger Things, otherwise known as The Wizard of Oz. Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers, older brother to our beloved gone-missing Will Byers, and Natalia Dyer, who plays coming-of-age-and-bravery Nancy Wheeler, put together some excellent DIY Scarecrow and The Cowardly Lion costumes, while their friends went as the Tin Man and a gender-fluid Dorothy.

We LOVE like All CAPS WHY DIDN’T WE THINK OF THIS OURSELVES love the tongue-in-cheek, straight outta their closets versions of these characters.

Nancy’s fur-collared camel (urr, lion)-colored coat with matching Timbaland boots and a red bow a la the lion’s Emerald City makeover is so adorbs it’s breaking our hearts. And Charlie’s green sweater, brown sweats and well-placed burlap and straw is too, too perfect. Meanwhile, the Tin Man’s silver face paint paired with a grey suit is like, so brilliant we can’t deal. Like, most people who decide to be the tin man struggle to get together a boxy metallic clunker costume. But no need! This guy’s got it down, and though it took 1% of the effort, it’s 💯. And then Dorothy, in pig tails and red sneaks.

Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

They’ve even got ToTo in there. 😂

Credit: Charlie Heaton/Instagram

The Scarecrow: And I’m sure to have a brain…
The Tin Woodsman: A heart…
Dorothy Gale: A home…
The Cowardly Lion: The nerve!

This group embodies the Halloween spirit better than any other celebs out there, and we bet they had the most fun.