From the man who launched a rocket ship at his fashion show earlier this week, nothing surprises us. Nothing! And while surprised we are not, delighted we most certainly are with the set of customized emoji stickers Karl Lagerfeld has designed for Chanel in honor of the new Rouge Coco lip gloss collection.

Feeling like Chanel birthday cake? Or Chanel coffee? How about a Chanel diamond? No matter what your Chanel-loving heart desires, there a Rouge Coco Gloss Sticker for everyone.

Yes, from this day forward, group chats will be infinitely chicer, and texting as we know it will never be the same.

Comb through the set of Emoji stickers, available now on the app store to download for free, and you’ll see quite a few nods to Chanel’s history in the selection. There’s a Chanel flag inspired by the feminist rally runway march from the Spring 2015 show, and the airplane is a tribute to the Fall 2016 airport-themed runway. Then, of course, you’ve got your obvious ones like the classic logo, the Chanel compact case, and a pretty white gift box wrapped in the brand’s sharp black ribbon.

If you’re like us and maybe can only afford to daydream about owning a little piece of Chanel right now, then this collection of Emoji stickers was made for you, because they’re trés chic, and best of all, they’re free!