Stephanie Hallett
July 22, 2017 3:22 pm
NurPhoto / Contributor

She may be having a fashion renaissance at the moment, but Céline Dion’s style game has always been top-notch. The singer — and her incredible, give-no-effs ensembles — have been splashed across the (physical and digital) pages of every fashion magazine and site around recently, thanks in part to her “image architect” Law Roach, who has helped to revitalize her look and breathe new life into her wardrobe.

But Dion has always been a fashion icon, donning the top trends of the day as well as pieces that defy categorization, and always staying true to her (one-of-a-kind) self. And though she was only invited to the Met Gala for the first time this year, we think Queen Céline’s style history deserves a celebration of its own.

Ahead, enjoy a trip through the ’80s and ’90s, and see Dion’s best looks from that era.

From the cropped denim jacket down to the lace socks and loafers, Céline was rocking everyone’s favorite off-duty look way back in 1987.

PONOPRESSE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

At the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988, which she won, by the way, Céline donned a long-line blazer with a tutu, for a look that said, girls just want to have fun — and record deals.

Independent News and Media/Getty Images

In 1990, Céline was the picture of sleek glamour in a slinky brown maxi dress.

The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

We’re willing to bet this look inspired Rachel Green’s costume designer on “Friends.”

That same year, she was blazing hot in an all-white ensemble.

Jim Steinfeldt / Contributor

It’s not unlike some of the looks she’s been sporting lately

Think the sheer dress was a Kardashian-Jenner creation? Think again!

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Céline wore this see-through halter maxi dress to the Grammys in 1990.

Looking positively glam in another all-white look, Céline attended a red carpet event with her late husband, René Angelil, in 1990.

The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Two words: patchwork denim. Looking fly in another outfit from 1990.

Pool 6500/PONOPRESSE / Contributor

Also, can we just talk about Céline’s banana phone?!

Here she is in 1991, hanging out in the *cutest brocade mini-dress ever* with Will Smith.

Kevin Winter / Contributor

Céline looked stunning in a strappy red gown at the 1993 American Music Awards.

Kevin Mazur / Contributor

If you ever had any doubts about Céline’s commitment to high style, just take a look at her 1994 wedding head piece.

Laurence Labat / Contributor

It weighed a whopping seven pounds and was made from 2,000 Austrian crystals.

Céline wore this fabulous menswear-inspired ensemble to the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo in 1995.

Ron Davis / Contributor

It included a pretty cool special feature, too.

Check out this amazing geometric bird/fish/hybrid/who knows print on the back!

Ron Davis / Contributor

And surely you could picture this glittering gown on the likes of Hilary Swank or Lily Collins. But Céline wore this beauty back in 1997 at the Academy Awards.

Kevin Mazur / Contributor

That shooting star necklace? To die for.

So you see, friends, even though she’s teaming up with Vogue these days and wearing fresh-off-the-runway couture in Paris, she’s always been a style icon.

Long live Queen Céline!