Gabriela Herstik
Updated Mar 28, 2017 @ 4:35 pm

Fashion has a tendency to find inspiration in far away lands…and then produce its pieces there. That’s why finding designers who source and create locally and humanely is such a dime in a dozen. Carla Fernández is one such designer, tending to the notion that you should not only know where your clothing comes from, but that you should be proud of it. For the designer, inspiration comes from her native Mexico, specifically its capital city. Carla works with indigenous communities, and women run co-ops throughout the country to produce her handmade textiles and clothing. Beyond that, the designer spent a decade recording and cataloging hundreds of garment designs that were at risk of extinction. The designer currently has an exhibition at Museo Jumex in Mexico, one of the premier spaces for contemporary art in the country, which speaks to the importance of Fernández’s work.

For her Spring Summer 2017 collection, denim was done up as capes, the classic button down was reimagined in new silhouettes, and tunics and shirt dresses were everywhere. Although this collection featured some more modern pieces, like a crisply tailored plaid short sleeve button down and pinstripe tulip skirt, there was still a taste of Mexico present. The poncho was upgraded in a metallic lilac and tie dye pink, block dresses were done with pompoms, and capes were fashioned with leather shoulder patches. Since Fernández’s pieces are mostly handmade, each one contains something a little unique from any other piece, making the garment even more special. And you can rest assured that every piece is infused with some of the magic of Mexico.

Pieces like the “cobra top” are even versatile and meant to be worn in different ways. The collection features breezy pieces that would look perfect along the beaches of Mexico or in a metropolis.

Thanks to eye catching details and a handcrafted touch, these pieces are good for mind, body and soul of all involved.

We’re ready for you, spring!