Scarlet Meyer
December 04, 2016 9:38 am

We are super into Suicide Squad actress and supermodel Cara Delevingne. She is always so charming and charismatic, and we love seeing her on the silver screen! That’s why we were kinda disappointed to see her missing from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway. However, Cara just revealed why she couldn’t make it, and we so understand.

Cara Delevingne was visiting the Maldives with her family and friends!

As awesome as the Victoria Secret Fashion Show is, we definitely get why she would trade in fancy underwear and heels for sand, surf, and amazing company. Look at these beautiful vacation photos!

Here is Cara taking goofy pictures in the airport with her sisters Poppy and Chloe and her friend Melinda.

Snapchat/Poppy Delevingne

Here’s a great photo of the entire vacation squad!

And here’s another great photo of the crew chilling out!

Here’s a beautiful photo of Cara on the beach with sister Poppy and makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury.

Here’s everyone in front of a beautiful sunset.

And finally, the only photos that Cara posted on her Instagram, the classic shoes-on-the-beach shot, and then the beach shot.

Very subtle, but very classy!

ICYMI, earlier this year The Sun claimed that Cara wasn’t invited to this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show because she was “too bloated” to walk the runway. As a result, Cara shared the letter Victoria’s Secret CMO Edward Razek wrote her and spoke out against body-shaming.

We’re sad to have missed Cara at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, but are happy that it was for such an awesome reason! She looks like she’s having such a great time with her family and friends on the beach!