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Alyssa Thorne
December 14, 2016 10:30 am

It’s actually kind of difficult to decide which are Cara Delevingne’s best looks, because she’s always showing up in something fascinating and unique and edgy. On top of all that, she looks stellar in literally anything and her brows are her best accessory so it’s just, like, too easy for her to look amazing, frankly. But she really proved that in her most recent outfit. At first we were like “what…?” and then we were like “woah…” because the fact that she looks good in these pants is almost completely impossible.

Cara Delevingne was spotted at LAX wearing the loudest, most colorful pants we think we’ve ever seen? And somehow she still looks like a supermodel instead of a clown. Like we said — f’ing ridiculous.

SMXRF, Star Max/ Getty Images

She paired it with black boots, a black top, and a black jacket, we assume because the pants are more than enough color on their own. She also rocked some oversized, slightly tinted glasses (which may or may not be sunglasses?).

SMXRF, Star Max/ Getty Images

We also love love love her adorable beanie. And BONUS: She’s wearing a choker like it’s 1998 — which is our favorite era to throwback to so if it were POSSIBLE to admire this lewk anymore, hi. We’re there.

We’re not sure if we’re nearly brave enough or cool enough to emulate Cara’s look but gosh, do we have respect.

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