Burberry - Arrivals - LFW September 2016
Credit: Anthony Harvey/ Getty Images

Is there anybody who doesn’t low-key want to be Cara Delevingne? Because if so, we haven’t met them. In addition to constantly pushing the envelope with her unique style, Cara also happens to be incredibly charming, progressive, and seems like she’d be super fun to hang out with.

At London Fashion Week, Cara Delevingne reminded us yet again why she’s one of Hollywood’s reigning cool girls by accessorizing her killer black outfit with BODY PAINT.

Credit: Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

Not only are we totally obsessed with the thick, sparkly fabric that makes up her dress and the whole gothic fairy vibe she’s got going on here, but the body paint beneath her neck and down her chest is SO unique.

Credit: Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

Also, those SHOES? Where do we get them and how do we hire Cara Delevingne to be our personal-stylist-slash-cool-consultant.


Credit: Karwai Tang/ Getty Images

With her signature dark eyebrows and icy blue eyes, she looks like the villain in some crazy YA novel or like one of those Hot Topic fairies you were probably obsessed with for about a year before you realized you were never going to become Avril Lavigne by sheer force of will.

This look is eaaaasily one of our faves. We’re really digging the gothic vibes celebs are throwing out this year, and hope they keep on wowing us with these beautifully dark looks.