It’s a Saturday night so you grab your crew and find your way to a room full of red solo cups and guys in neon tank tops. You, my friend, did not stumble upon an 80’s party. The Spotify playlist in the background and iOS7 conversation confirm what you already know, it’s 2013.

Along with the rapid growth of apps and gadgets that has come to define our current time period, the tank top has also seen a major rise in popularity. So where have the sleeves gone and why do we want them to stay away? Living in the “Do you even lift bro?” generation leaves us with a flurry of clues to the cause of the disappearing sleeve Apocalypse.

Everyone from frat boys to Zac Efron has been caught rocking the tank look, whether or not they can pull it off (Zefron being the clear winner). The ‘suns out, guns out’ mentality plays a major role in showing off some extra appendages. Dudes that spend their days getting swole want to spend their nights showing off all that hard work, and what better way than with a classy bro tank. But it’s not just the jacked men in our life that have the right to bare arms. Sleevelessness has also permeated over to the ladies, except we just call them ‘tops’ instead of ‘tank tops.’ One solid reason we are catching on to the trend? We look good. Seriously, everyone come and see how good I look.

Representatives from both genders with ample tattoos seem to take this trend even more seriously. We get it, you’re covered in art. But you better also be covered in deodorant because your arms haven’t felt the gentle hug of sleeves for a solid year and the impending sidehug has me on edge.

The remaining few late bloomers who have yet to grab a hold of this wildly popular trend have their reasons. Namely avoiding sunburn. Mad respect. But have you seen how good I look?

But there is one massive reason the disappearing sleeves phenomenon has caught on so aggressively, and it’s staring us in the face everyday. Global warming. Seriously, this just makes sense. Wearing less clothes is a direct result of adjusting to climate change. Let’s just hope capris aren’t next.

As the winters get warmer, there’s a good chance we will see an increase in sleeveless hoodies as well. A trend this strong doesn’t waiver just because the season changes. Sleeves will probably make a comeback in 10 years or so when they start to be considered vintage. But for now, enjoy your tank top years. Revel in your exposed shoulder glory. Show off your newly developed triceps. But lather on the sunscreen too, because your shoulders aren’t going back inside anytime soon.

Featured image via ShutterStock