Madison Vanderberg
May 13, 2016 3:04 pm
Forever 21

Because brunch deserves to be a nationally recognized tradition.

1. When someone is like, “What are you doing every Saturday and Sunday morning for the rest of your life?” and you’re just like-

Forever 21

$9.99 at Forever 21

2. This cropped tank won’t pair well with hollandaise sauce and three mimosas in your belly but YOLO brunch-bloat is part of the experience!

Forever 21

$6.91 at Forever 21

3. For the woman who appreciates the simple delicacy of avocado on bread.

$5.00 at Wet Seal

5. You know that group text you’re in that’s basically just dedicated to planning the next brunch? Yeah, y’all need this sweatshirt.

$22.19 on Etsy

6. Some people go to church. Other people go to brunch. If you’re the latter, this shirt is for you.

$29.00 on Etsy

7. To the person who wants to go out at night (ulch, who does that?), we say:

$22.00 on Etsy

8. Do you think Jay Z would wear this next time he’s noshing down on some scrambled eggs?

$14.99 on Etsy

9. This shirt is basically begging to end up in an Instagram pic.

$11.00 on Etsy

10. We prefer Huevos Racheros, but carry on!

$29.99 on ModCloth

11. This is the face you make when there’s an hour wait for brunch.

$32.00 at Buy Me Brunch

12. A little aggressive, but we get it.

$32.00 on Buy Me Brunch

13. If you’re more into basics, this might be more your style.

$59.00 on Asos

14. And if you’re REALLY daring…

$106.00 on Asos