The Broke Girl’s Guide To Surviving Festival Season

At long last, festival season is upon us!  We’ve been training for weeks now (read: drinking copious amounts of booze and delaying bathroom breaks while listening to the new Beck album on our iPods), but that doesn’t mean we don’t still need to prepare for the big weekend. Today, we’ve put together a list of 10 things every girl “needs” for any big music festival — a viable alternative to the Porta Potty (sadly) not included.

1) One Perfect Pair of Jean Shorts You Can Wear Every Day — If you’re actually someone who washes your denim, we don’t know what to say to you. Our favorite jeans might not have been washed since 2007, and they’re so much better for it. These cheapie shorts will transition perfectly from day to night (just throw this sexy thang on over them when temps dip) stage to stage, festival to festival (and even year to year).

2) Inflatable Flamingo Drink Can Holders — You want to be popular, don’t you?

3) Um, This Amazing “Snake” Backpack — Because, duh.

4) Boho Robe — With every girl going in costume these days, it’s harder than ever to stand out in a festival crowd. How else will you post-party with the drummer from whatever-cool-band-that’s-not-yet-too-cool-for-school if not by wearing something striking? This will for sure catch his eye when worn open over a white tank and your (dirty) jean short shorts.

5) A Flask — We don’t know what the sitch is at every festival these days, but we know it can be hard to get a drink at Coachella if you actually want to watch the bands while imbibing. As for sneaking this through security, we suggest you refer to the length of item #1 on this list and make sure you have a good tan going on those long legs of yours…

6) No-Rinse Body Wash — Don’t let the hospital association of this product scare you. Also, don’t be that girl who smells so rank even the dirty hippies won’t hang.

7) A Kate Bosworth Conversation-Starter — This top is, like, soooooo her style. She will totally ask you where you got it, and then you’ll become her new best friend. And then you’ll marry Ryan Gosling. Obviously.

8) Serious Shoe Game — Sure, you might need to be on whatever everyone else is on so as to not feel the pain these beauts are sure to inflict on your feet, but it’ll be worth it when you win Best Dressed. (That’s a thing at festivals, right?)

9) Mr. Kate BeautyMarks — If ever there was a Boho babe from whom to take your cues in terms of accessorizing, Mr. Kate would be the one.  We’ve always loved her actual, real-life tattoo, which reads “a tattoo,” and are thrilled she’s come up with a way for us to temporarily play the copycat.

10) Sunscreen — You want to look young enough ten years from now to be one of those people who is still going to festivals 10 years from now, don’t you?

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