Rachel Sanoff
Updated Aug 18, 2016 @ 7:14 pm
Australian model Mecca Laalaa wears an I
Credit: ANOEK DE GROOT/AFP/Getty Images

The burkini is a swimsuit worn by Muslim women. By wearing a burkini, women are able to enjoy the water and sunshine at the beach while still observing their religious beliefs. And in a shocking and Islamophobic move, France has banned burkinis.

This especially makes no sense when you consider that burkinis look exactly like wet suits and other clothing worn by other beachgoers, yet the French mayor has claimed they are “the symbol of Islamist extremism.” …Yeah. This is horrifying and unacceptable.

Twitter user @LaSauvageJane then posted one of her illustrations, pointing out that the burkini ban is proof that women are damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

The drawing is a diagram of one woman. On one half of her body, she is wearing a burkini. On the other, she is topless and only wearing bikini bottoms. Next to each section of her body, LaSauvageJane wrote a racist or slut-shaming comment that a woman typically hears because of her appearance and clothing (or lack thereof).

With translations and screenshots by BuzzFeed, let’s break down the important illustration:

Credit: LaSauvageJane/Twitter

Woman in Burkini (L): “You’re wearing a hijab! My eyes! You’re obedient for sure!”

Topless Woman (R): “You look like a whore with your makeup. If you’re not wearing any makeup, you look neglected.”

Credit: LaSauvageJane/Twitter

Woman in Burkini (L): “Burkini? A wet suit but there’s ‘burk’ in the word, so it’s forbidden, undress yourself!”

Topless Woman (R): “OH MY GOD a (woman) tit! Hide that, you should be ashamed, you don’t respect yourself.”

Credit: LaSauvageJane/Twitter

Woman in Burkini (L): “Long skirt? Much too religious! You don’t belong in a school.”

Topless Woman (R): “Short skirt? Too sexual! Don’t be surprised if you’re raped.
Erk, and you’re not shaved? It’s dirty, you should be ashamed, go shave.”

The critical illustration has been retweeted over 7,000 times.

The artist, who chooses to remain anonymous except for her Twitter handle, told BuzzFeed:

“What saddens me, and what I wanted to express in this drawing, is that the woman is pointed, judged, criticized for her appearance constantly, whatever the clothing, religion… In the lottery of indecency, the woman is the only loser.”

A powerful statement, and a powerful drawing.