bodywrap featured image
Credit: Asos

When it comes to lingerie fashion, bold can be fun. In fact, we love fashion in general that’s completely out of the box. But what if a design is so out of the box, it’s basically just the ribbon that would wrap it? Well, wonder what that would be like no more…

Behold, the Bluebella ‘Unwrap Me’ Body Bow.

Credit: Asos

This is very literally a giant, white sash/bow. No more, no less.

And here’s what it looks like in the back.

Credit: Asos

This product is currently available on Asos’ website for $26.00, and is made by British lingerie label BlueBella, “founded with a mission to inspire female confidence.”

Credit: Asos

And the body wrap is certainly not your typical negligee.

But how do you put it on? Is there a button or a zipper involved?

Credit: Asos

I mean, that thing looks PRETTY straight forward, but…¯_(ツ)_/¯

Looks like, you literally just wrap yourself up and tie it together!

Credit: Asos

“Can be tied in a number of ways.”

We’re glad to know it’s simple to put on, but like, what if you’re terrible at wrapping things?!

Credit: ABC

Guess you’ll have to rely on your partner to help you get it on (or off?)…or happily enjoy it all by yourself, because why the heck not!?!