Patrice J. Williams
October 17, 2017 3:29 pm

We’re so 2017 and Blake Lively is light years ahead of us with her fashion choices. The former Gossip Girl and current style star has been pounding the pavement while promoting her new flick All I See Is You.

But the real news is how fly she looks. We expect stars to have a few outfit changes, but Mrs. Ryan Reynolds switched up her look seven times in a single day. Yes, seven outfit changes in 24 hours. She didn’t just swap out a shoe here or there, or wear a single shirt with different pants. She had seven entirely different looks, with new hairstyles as well! In a single day, she gave us inspiration for the entire fall season.

But first can we talk about this Chanel dress that had us all gagging (in a good way!)?

The metallic gown was full of embellishments, sequins, and a car wash hem skirt. There was a lot going on with this look, but we are loving every minute of it.

Look at those details:

Getty / James Devaney

Blake has been a longtime Chanel fan and she recently wore other items from the French design house, including the following houndstooth jumpsuit earlier the same day.

Perfect print for fall:

Getty / James Devaney

And she took to Instagram to show off her equally stunning accessories like glittery Louboutins and a box bag.

But Blake gave other designers some shine as well in equally statement-making threads.

No date night is complete without a sequin top and wide-leg trousers

Getty / James Devaney

And if you thought those were enough sequins for one day, you thought wrong. Blake also showed up and out in a straight-off-the-runway Oscar de la Renta strapless dress.

Effortless slay.

Getty / James Devaney

But Blake’s looks weren’t all disco ball-esque. She also showed us how women look stellar in menswear. She outfitted her Ralph Lauren suit with pocket squares and a necktie.

Every suit should be topped off with a Birkin bag:

Getty / James Devaney

If you had any doubt how to layer for fall, Blake does it with ease.

Look at those printed boots! 

Getty / James Devaney

And we can’t forget her outfit that started the stylish day of slaying. This bright-as-the-sun Brandon Maxwell ensemble set the pace for Blake’s day. A look this bold required nothing other than long drop earrings.

Such a mod feel:

Getty / James Devaney

We love a woman who switches it up with ease.