Olivia Harvey
December 20, 2016 2:00 pm
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

So many videos and pictures of Blake Lively with husband, Ryan Reynolds, and their two daughters have surfaced since Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony last week. The celebrity couple looked beautiful together as ever, and their daughters — both making their first public appearance — truly stole the show. Lively wore a beautiful teal chiffon dress, and paired the number with a set of earrings from celebrity jewelry designer, Lorraine Schwartz. Lively loved her earrings so much, she gave them the spotlight in an Instagram photo today.

Lively has rocked Lorraine Schwartz rocks (get it?) many times before wearing these Australian black opal and emerald earrings to Thursday’s ceremony.

As much as we fangirl over Blake, Blake fangirls over Lorraine.

Lively wore some killer bangles by Schwartz to an event for her film Café Society. “Up close an purse-onal for #CafeSociety movie week (I was born to make dad jokes.)” Lively captioned this Instagram.

And these huge diamond studs that Lively wore to The Shallows premiere? Yup, Lorraine Schwartz again! Side note: These babies were worn by Beyoncé before Lively got her hands on them. We’d be freaking out if we were in that situation too, Blake.

So not only is Blake Lively a Lorraine Schwartz fangirl, but so is Queen B herself! Beyoncé’s custom made Africa-shaped diamond hoops were a Schwartz creation, as was her ~ginormous~ diamond ring.

Schwartz has also decked out Heidi Klum, Sharon Osborne, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, and even designed the diamond necklace that Monica got married in on Friends. Yeah, Lorraine Schwartz is everywhere, and for a good reason.

Her creations are crazy beautiful.

We now know why Lively dedicated a post to her earrings — because they are mini masterpieces.

*Fingers crossed* Please let us hit the lottery so we can own a piece of Lorraine Schwartz jewelry! Please! Please! Please!