Credit: Blake Lively/

Among the many perks of being a celebrity is access to a stylist and an endless array of amazing designer clothes. But according to People, there’s one celeb who doesn’t take full advantage of that: Blake Lively. She does all her own styling (even when she was pregnant) and even claimed ‘It’s fun to dress under the circumstances while pregnant.’ And we’ve seen plenty of examples; her hippie princess boho maternity dress for starters! Yep, she’s the queen of maternity fashion.

And what about the fact that she dresses herself? Yeah, NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL.

Lively goes as far as to say that doing her own styling is “way less impressive” than the average person dressing themselves each day, because she has access to designers and fashions that most people don’t.

We dig how completely and utterly normal Blake seems — even with the world fame and being married to fellow celeb Ryan Reynolds, she still seems to keep it all in perspective.

Hopefully Lively never loses sight of her authenticity, because that’s a special quality to keep safe — especially in the throws of celebrity where everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Never change, Blake!