jessica tholmer
Updated October 07, 2017

It’s about time maternity fashion got an overhaul. In that past, “hidden” baby bumps and well-dressed stomachs have been all the rage, but not anymore. The stylist behind Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement wants maternity fashion to be treated in a better way. Marni Senofonte is a stylist whose work you know super well, even if you don’t know her name. The powerhouse is responsible for Kendall Jenner’s elaborate gown at Cannes Film Festival and was the main stylist for the incredible wardrobe for Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour.

But now, Senofonte is speaking about the Instagram post heard ’round the world.

When asked about maternity style, Senofonte gave a really refreshing answer.

Right. On. We love the encouragement for all women to show their bellies, if it makes them feel comfortable!

We don’t know if Senofonte knew that she was styling one of the most liked Instagram pictures of all time when she set Bey up on a throne of soft flowers.

But she probably knew it would blow up.

We are so happy that Senofonte is out there in the world, encouraging women to feel comfortable with themselves and their bodies. The more comfortable we are in the world, the better the world will be.

Even when — especially when — carrying life!

Kudos to Senofonte. We can’t wait to see what she does next.