Rachel Leishman
Updated Oct 15, 2017 @ 12:12 pm
Beyonce on September 14, 2017 in New York City.
Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

Beyoncé is an inspiration to many of us. We love her music and we love her fashion. And now you can get Beyoncé’s look at an affordable cost! We always want to look like Beyoncé. We’re even willing to try corset pants because she wore them. And pregnant women are longing to get her pregnancy look. Basically, we want to be Beyoncé always.

And is that really a surprise? Beyoncé and Jay-Z often set trends for us all to follow, and when they’re not lighting up the stage, they’re lighting up everywhere else they go. Which is why we’re talking about her look now.

Beyoncé rocked millennial pink, and it was affordable.

The problem with wanting to dress like Beyoncé is that it might not be the most cost efficient life. But with this beautiful date night ensemble, Beyoncé took a bodysuit and made it into one of the most couture looks we’ve ever seen.

Now for $56, you can own the same baby pink Mistress Rocks bodysuit that Beyoncé rocks. The best part is that the entire look (skirt included) is only $161. You know what you can’t buy for that much? A ticket to one of her concerts (those cost $178 on average).

Recently Beyoncé has taken to posting 360 degree photos on Instagram so you can see everything she’s wearing. And really, we’re living for it. Her looks are beautiful, and the fact that this one is pretty affordable makes it even more better. Most of the time, we love celebrity looks and can’t replicate them since they’re way out of our price range.

But to have this entire look (minus the shoes) for under $200 is pretty unheard of. So hopefully, Beyoncé keeps rocking looks like these so we can have our very own Beyoncé moments at an affordable cost. Or we can just look to her for all our fashion needs and cry because of how perfect she is.