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Deciding on the best wedding dress for yourself is one of the biggest style choices of your life. After all, your wedding dress communicates a lot about you: It’s a sartorial statement made to your beloved and your guests—and provides a reflection of your personality and relationship. Basically, it’s the ultimate stylish imprint of your big day. So what would you like yours to say?

Since the search for the best wedding dress can be near impossible, you might consider turning to astrology for some much-needed guidance. Your zodiac sign can determine your best qualities and features, as well as help point you in the right direction. Which is why we teamed up with Kellee Khalil, founder of Lover.ly, a digital destination for brides, to help you say yes to the dress, according to your zodiac sign.

Your best wedding dress could be exactly the style you’ve always had in mind, or it might totally surprise you.

You might find that your zodiac sign calls for a sleek gown when you’ve always pictured something with tons of tulle, or perhaps your sign demands something that’s not even close to a traditional wedding gown (we see you, Aries). Read on to find out which look Khalil thinks works best for your zodiac sign, and don’t be afraid to give it a try the next time you’re at a wedding dress shopping appointment.


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David's Bridal

Common traits: confident, bold, leader


Common traits: sensual, old-fashioned glam, romantic


Common traits: unique, dual personality, likes to mix it up


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David's Bridal

Common traits: traditional, family-oriented, emotional/sensitive


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Common traits: glam, wow factor, likes to be the star of the show


Common traits: practical, elegant, introverted


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Common traits: romantic, feminine, flirtatious


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David's Bridal

Common traits: sexy, passionate, mysterious


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David's Bridal

Common traits: adventurous, independent spirit, spontaneous


Common traits: sophisticated, structured, grounded


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The Reformation

Common traits: eccentric, eco-friendly, fun


Common traits: dreamy, ethereal, unpredictable

No matter what, when it comes to selecting THE dress, go with your heart. You’ll be a beautiful bride.